• It protects your EX4 files from the EX4-TO-MQ4 Decompiler.
  • It licenses EX4 files so that will be bind to only one PC.
  • It provides time-limited licenses.


Please download the Free Demo .

Step of Protect your mq4 or ex4:

  1. Run ProtectMq4.exe  we provided. It can protect all your mq4 or ex4 files (include EA, indicators) to new ex4 files which can anti decompiler. 
    If you have mq4  file, you must first protect the mq4 file to ex4 file, and then you can continue protect the ex4 to Jmi8.ex4. Only when you have not mq4  file, you can protect ex4 file directly.
  1. Make all protected ex4 files to a install program Setup.exe.
    You can make all the protected ex4 file to Setup.exe.   
    The method to make Setup.exe
  2. You can upload the Setup.exe on your web, all customers can download and test it. Or you can send it to them.
    They can test it for max to 30 days, no need Registration Code, just press "Test" button on register screen.
    If they pay for it, you let them send the "Serial Number" to you, you make "Registration Code" of it by the program MkReg_T.exe, and send the "Registration Code"  to your customer.
  3. Your customers run the Setup.exe, it will auto install all ea ex4 files and indicators ex4 files and other files to proper directory of the MT system.
    When your customers run the Setup.exe, it will show the register screen as below.
    They can just press Test, to test your ex4 for some days. You can set the trial days with the program SetLimitDate.exe. If it is expired, the customer will never can test it again.
    For your paid customers, they should input the "Registration Code" you gave, and press Register.

    You can tell me what register screen you want to be, I can code it at the screen for you.
    for example,
              the screen's title,
              the company and link information of yours ( to replace the link information of mine ), 
              uses or not use "Test" button function.
              the logo you want, you should send your logo file (*.ico or *.bmp) to me.

  1. If they pay for it, you let them send the "Serial Number" to you, you run MkReg_T.exe as below.
    You should input  the "Serial Number" your customer sent to you, change the days you want your customer can use your protected ex4 files, then press "OK", it will generate the "Registration Code". You just need send the  "Registration Code" to your customer.