• It just protects your EX4 files from the EX4-TO-MQ4 Decompiler.
  • Support Forex VPS Hosting which just can upload ex4 and dll files.


Step of Protect your ex4 or ex5:

  1. Run JustProtectEx4.exe ( or JustProtectEx5.exe  ) we provided. It can protect all your ex4 ( ex5 ) files (include EA, indicators,  scripts and libraries) to new ex4 ( ex5 ) files which can anti decompiler. 

  1. Send the protected ex4 files and InstallSupportFiles.exe to your user.
  2. Your customers should run the InstallSupportFiles.exe to install support files, so the protected ex4 files can attach to a MT4 chart.
  3. You can add your own license at your mq4 source code, or use account number based protection by add some codes at mq4 source code such as :
    ( AccountNumber() != 67351291 )return(-1);